Our Services

Consulting :
Every project is different. We invite you to leverage our long experience and deep understanding of desktop application development to enhance your software development process. We help you find the right project structure, architecture tools and software libraries. With our proven expertise in the development of rich client applications we will help you to avoid common pitfalls and to keep software as well as development processes stable, efficient and maintainable.

    • Outsourcing :
      Do you have too many projects for your own development to keep up, or a good idea but no time or team to make it reality? No problem, just discuss your ideas with us. With our experienced team and proven project structures, we’re sure we can offer you the best and most cost-effective solutions.
    • Custom Software Development :
      We provide custom software development to support targeted business problems faced by companies worldwide. We combine the right balance of pre-integration and customization to meet enterprise goals and to speed up time to market. In addition to our technical expertise, our structured development methodologies and project management expertise enable us to deliver on-time and on-budget for projects of any size.
  • IT Architecture & Technology :
    Versatile technologies available today for different processes can sometimes cause an inter-mingling due to the absence or unwanted presence of certain technologies in an enterprise. It is important to align the various technologies with the help of an IT architect to attain clarity, create an easy flow and the ultimate accomplishment of your business goals. With strategic techniques and experience, our team at Groovy Solution identifies the various technologies that can work together to provide you with better results. They will make a list of all the technologies that are not required or those that need to be migrated to more advanced platforms. A well-defined plan is laid out for the present as well as the future changes where everything is taken care of. IT architecture is implemented methodically and gradually without hindering the everyday processes in your organization.